the alliance alive hd remaster

The Alliance Alive HD Remastered Keeps JRPGs Alive on the PlayStation 4 in Fall 2019

During the March 2019 NIS America showcase, the publisher announced that The Alliance Alive HD Remastered is coming to the West in Fall 2019. It had previously been announced for a Japanese release, though this is the first time it’s been confirmed for a worldwide release, as well.

The Alliance Alive HD Remastered is a updated version of The Alliance Alive, which first released on the Nintendo 3DS. While it hadn’t been confirmed for a Western console release until now, some dedicated fans discovered an NIS America URL for the remaster well before the showcase, fueling speculation of a Western release. The URL is currently inactive, however.

The Alliance Alive concerns a world ravaged by a devastating attack, separating the world into four regions. Nine heroes band together in an attempt to stand up against the antagonistic Daemons to take back their world. The Alliance Alive was originally published by Atlus USA in the West, though NIS America is taking over publishing duties for the remaster.

Preorders can be made now for the special Limited Edition. In addition to the game itself, it also comes with cutout dolls of the main protagonists, plus an exclusive art book and soundtrack. If you don’t need the extra goodies, preordering the standard copy will get you an Awakening Edition that includes the game and the nine cutout dolls.

The Alliance Alive HD Remaster is the first time this game will be playable on a home console. In addition to upgraded visuals, changes were made to the overall gameplay, as there is no longer access to dual screens. The game has an impressive pedigree behind it, with veterans of series like SaGa and Suikoden to its credit.

While release dates weren’t given yet, The Alliance Alive HD Remaster will release sometime in Fall 2019 worldwide. It was only one of many announcements made at the NIS America Showcase, including Western releases for Destiny Connect and Ultawareumono: Prelude to the Fallen.