Here’s When You Can Play As Baptiste in Overwatch on PS4

Blizzard has announced when you can play as Baptiste in Overwatch, and it may be sooner than you think.

Baptiste, the game’s newest support character, will be leaving the PTR on PC and joining the fight on all platforms on March 19th, 2019 as the game’s 30th entry in the roster.

The new hero has a biotic launcher, a mid-range sub machine gun, that both heals allies with a grenade and harms enemies, like Ana’s sniper. His first ability is Regenerative Burst, a wave of energy that heals over time and his secondary ability is Immortality Field, which stops allies from dying with a generator. His ultimate is the Amplification Matrix, which doubles damage and healing as it goes through a wall ahead of the character. He also has a super jump if you press X while crouching. He sounds like a varied character that will change the meta quite drastically.

Baptiste was a soldier for the Caribbean Coalition and mercenary for Talon, who was profiting off the devastation of the Omnic Crisis. He was happy with the money he was making from being a mercenary and put that money aside to run a clinic. As the orders became more brutal, involving civilian casualties, he left and became a target of Talon as he knew too much about their operations. He has since drifted from place to place, helping with the humanitarian effort.

Baptiste follows up Ashe, taking the gunslinger’s place as the freshest face on the roster. Before Ashe, We got the mech-driving hamster Hammond as Wrecking Ball. Blizzard seems to release one new hero about every four months, so if you’re curious what’s coming after Baptiste, you’ll want to keep an eye on July, as it’s likely we’ll see a new hero around that time.

Will you be booting up Overwatch again or have you been playing it often? The team-based shooter originally released nearly three years ago in May 2016.