A Fan Reached Level 99 in Kingdom Hearts 3 Without Leaving Olympus

284 hours and 11 minutes is how long it took the unorthodox Twitch streamer AaroneousGaming to get to the maximum level in Kingdom Hearts 3, level 99. What is truly astonishing about this fact is that the streamer did so without leaving the game’s opening world, Olympus.

After reaching this milestone in just over two months and grinding on low level heartless for many, many hours, Aaroneous became emotional, saying it’s been a long year. Later on, he said on his Twitter account, “It’s been a great year. I got more emotional finishing this than I thought I would have.”

It’s also bonkers that this avid fan of the series held back when playing the final part of the saga and opted to complete this time intensive task since Kingdom Hearts 3‘s release on January 29, 2019. He said, “I’m so excited to play this game.” He is now streaming a playthrough of KH3 at this ridiculous level and another at a normal level.

AaroneousGaming has finished a Level 99 run in the starting areas of all three main installments: Level 99 on Destiny Islands in Kingdom Hearts, Level 99 in Twilight Town in Kingdom Hearts 2, and now Level 99 on Olympus in Kingdom Hearts 3. It took close to 1,000 hours to accomplish this feat.

“Thank you everybody for everything. I know that I couldn’t have done it without you guys. These grinds are too hard,” he said to his viewers. “It’s been an emotional journey every step of the way. We’ve had to overcome a lot of hurdles to get through some of these and it’s been really, really, really hard, and it’s been worth it.”

Kingdom Hearts 3, since its release, has shipped more than five million copies worldwide. Later in 2019, the game will be getting free and paid DLC. A Critical Mode is supposedly coming very soon. Fans are hoping the paid DLC will be reminiscent of the Final Mix releases in the past, which have secret bosses, more cutscenes, and tweaked gameplay features.

[Source: Twitch]