Test Your Survival Skills in Arizona Sunshine: The Damned DLC This Summer

If you were eager for more Arizona Sunshine content, developer, Jaywalkers Interactive has a treat for you. Announced on the PlayStation Blog, Arizona Sunshine will be getting a new DLC pack called The Damned. Fittingly, one of your tasks in this chapter is to restart a hydroelectric dam. (Hence, The Damned.)

According to the post, this story chapter precedes the events of the first DLC, Dead Manmaking it a prequel to the prequel. Your mission is to launch a nuclear missile, so you and your team of US Special Forces must do everything in your power to do so—even if it means overcoming hundreds of ruthless zombies.

The Damned will also lean into narrative and the relationship between you and your squad. These allies can be controlled by AI or your friends in co-op. This DLC expansion will also focus on scale, taking place in a new and expansive environment.

For those who aren’t familiar, Arizona Sunshine is a PSVR first-person shooter with survival  elements and an emphasis on narrative. We enjoyed it here, praising its detailed story, varied gameplay, and precise controls. We also had some criticisms, though, mostly in the technical department. It’s not exactly a game to specifically buy a PSVR unit for, but it’s a welcome addition to the platform’s fantastic library and we’ll gladly take more content for it.

Best of all, The Damned DLC will be available this summer, although no price point was discussed. If it’s anything like the Dead Man DLC, which was only $2.49, it shouldn’t be too terribly expensive. We’ll update you when we get more information like a solid price or release date.

If you’re wanting more zombie action to hold you over in the meantime, you can grab World War Z, or Days Gone,  both of which are flawed but still enjoyable.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]