Kingdom Hearts III DLC Includes an Additional Scenario, Secret Episode, and More

Folks attending the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra – World of Tres – concert in Tokyo today got a pleasant surprise when Director Tetsuya Nomura appeared on stage to unveil Kingdom Hearts III‘s upcoming downloadable content.

First reported by Yanilyn Gaming on Twitter (thanks ResetEra), the premium content includes an additional scenario tentatively titled ReMIND, a limit episode and boss, a secret episode and boss, and an English voice option for the Japanese version of the game.

But that’s not all! Sora will also be getting a new keyblade and a new form for free.

In a subsequent tweet, Yanilyn added that Nomura made a surprise guest appearance and announced the DLC via a “funny little” PowerPoint presentation. The developers reportedly haven’t gotten around to preparing a preview or trailer for the content yet.

A release date and price for the DLC have also yet to be revealed so rest assured, Square Enix will have more information to share in due course.

Haven’t played Kingdom Hearts III yet? Don’t forget to read our review. One of the best-selling games of this year, Sora’s latest adventure is currently discounted as part of the PlayStation Store’s Golden Week Sale.

Those who like punishing difficulty will also be happy to note that Kingdom Hearts III recently received a “critical” mode that offers more challenge and perks to those who dare to attempt it.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information about the DLC.

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