Repainted Hiya Toys Injustice 2 Figure Makes Harley Quinn Look Like Joker

Toy manufacturer Hiya Toys is back with another Harley Quinn figure that is inspired by her Injustice 2 appearance. This time, however, she has undergone a few noticeable changes. Instead of Harley’s typical black and red color scheme, Hiya Toys has repainted the Injustice 2 figure to mimic the look of Joker. Puddin’ would be proud. There is one catch, though. The latest version of the figure will only be available to purchase via ThinkGeek.

See how well Harley wears the Clown Prince of Crime’s green and purple color scheme in the image gallery below:

Presently, pricing and a release date for the repainted Harley Quinn figure have yet to be announced. However, it is likely to cost around $20 upon release, given the price of Hiya Toys’ several other Injustice 2 figurines. Speaking of which, the toy manufacture plans to release Supergirl and Wonder Woman Injustice 2 figures on an unspecified date in September 2019. Each of the two figures will feature a set of interchangeable accessories and a stand. The Harley Quinn figure will probably launch with packaging similar to that of its Supergirl and Wonder Woman counterparts, as it, too, is launching within Hiya Toys’ 3.75 inch line of figures.

With Mortal Kombat 11 just having hit store shelves, news concerning Injustice 2, as well as the franchise’s future, has been minimal for quite some time. Clearly, it’s bound to remain that way for awhile. Still, considering the events of Injustice 2, a third entry in NetherRealm’s DC fighter series definitely seems a possibility. The studio’s track record with announcing and releasing games over the last few years seems to suggest fans will know whether a new Injustice is on the cards in the next two years or so.

For those that have yet to dive into the experience, Injustice 2 is available on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

[Source: The Toyark via Batman-News]