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Ghost of Tsushima Stunningly Recreated in Dreams

For weeks, players have been tinkering away in Media Molecule’s Dreams, creating and recreating plenty of noteworthy gems. The most recent work to make waves online is a Dreams tribute to Ghost of Tsushima, another PlayStation 4 exclusive from Sucker Punch.

Dreams user thrjoker594 created the tribute with Media Molecule’s tools, and it was then shared in a brief video on Sucker Punch’s official Twitter account. Check out the video below:

It’s impressive work, as it perfectly matches the color palette and tone of the Ghost of Tsushima footage shown so far. The music that plays in the video’s background is a nice touch too. Of course, the details depicted in the art itself cannot be understated. Everything flows together so beautifully, from the wind rustled vegetation to the almost hand painted-looking art that fills out the background’s landscape.

When more of Ghost of Tsushima itself will be shown remains to be seen. E3 2019 is definitely not a possibility, since Sony will not attend the event in any capacity. Perhaps, Sucker Punch’s latest will feature in a future episode of Sony’s State of Play?

The last extensive showing of Ghost of Tsushima occurred during E3 2018. In addition to a gameplay reveal video, press was offered a look at behind-closed-doors preview footage. Out of the E3 festivities also came confirmation of a photo mode for the title, though specific details about the mode’s features remain under wraps. However, since Sucker Punch pioneered photo mode the way we know it with Infamous: Second Son, Ghost of Tsushima’s version of the mode is bound to be impressive.

Ghost of Tsushima does not yet have a release date.

[Source via Sucker Punch on Twitter]