ghost of tsushima photo mode

Ghost of Tsushima Will Have a Photo Mode

With a game as seemingly beautiful as Ghost of Tsushima is, it’s almost a prerequisite that it will need a photo mode. Thankfully, it seems that will be the case, as recent reports have confirmed one exists.

During E3 2018, many were able to check out the upcoming game, and while reactions were all very positive, we did learn that players will be able to freeze the moment and snap the perfect shot. Talking to US Gamer, Brian Fleming – co-founder of Sucker Punch – promised that a photo mode would be included in the game. “We invented Photo Mode! Second Son, man”, he reportedly said, referencing early PS4 title Infamous: Second Son.

All jokes aside, he’s not exactly wrong. Sucker Punch was one of the early pioneers of the inclusion of photo modes in games, and now that it’s taken off and been included in tons of games, it would be silly to see it being excluded from Ghost of Tsushima. While we aren’t exactly sure what type of locations the game will take us to, just judging by the brief gameplay footage revealed, you’ll be needing some extra hard drive space to store all the photos you’ll snap.

Ghost of Tsushima currently has no release information, so make sure to stay tuned for any updates on the game.

[Source: US Gamer]