Blood & Truth’s Free Post-Launch DLC Will Give You a Reason to Replay the Game

Blood & Truth just hit stores for the PlayStation VR and is receiving a fair share of critical acclaim so far. Our own review awarded the cinematic experience an 8.5, praising its action sequences and character moments. Apparently, fans will have a reason to return to the title after completing all it has to offer. In a PlayStation Blog post celebrating the game’s release, SIE London Studio announced details concerning Blood & Truth’s post-launch content, which will include online leaderboards, New Game Plus, and other features.

According to the blog post, the DLC will be available free of charge. Fans should expect “online leaderboards, new time attack and score challenges, New Game+, and an additional Hard Mode” to feature in the content. At present, SIE London Studio has yet to provide a date for when the content will begin rolling out.

In addition to outlining its DLC plans, the studio teased some of Blood & Truth’s finest action moments. 20 in total are listed on the PlayStation Blog post, all of which are meant to make players feel as though they’ve stepped into the shoes of a “true action hero.” A few of the more interesting moments that players may want to try for themselves include catching enemy grenades and throwing them back, reloading a weapon by throwing the magazine in the air, and bouncing grenades off of walls.

In Blood & Truth, players adopt the role of a former Special Forces operative, Ryan Marks, whose only goal is to rescue his family from a crime lord. The game’s single-player story campaign will see Marks venture into the seedier side of London, exploring the city’s crime-stricken underbelly.

London Studio’s Blood & Truth has all the makings of an intriguing first-person shooter, paired with an interactive experience exclusive to virtual reality. Those interested in the developer’s other VR experiences may also find The London Heist in PlayStation VR Worlds worthy a try.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]