VR Will Not Be Coming to Dreams Today

While many are eagerly awaiting the addition of VR to Dreams, they’ll have to dream a little longer. Despite rumors that VR would be coming to Dreams Early Access later today, that has officially been debunked by Media Molecule. Of course, there is always the possibility that this could all be a misdirect, but that seems unlikely.

The chatter began when Media Molecule held a developer’s talk regarding Dreams. While the development of Dreams is itself likely a fascinating topic, a response by someone who was apparently in te audience began to ignite speculation on a long-awaited feature coming to Dreams:

Of course, it’s hard to corroborate a single tweet, as no other similar reports had come out regarding this topic. Still, some began to wonder if the news was indeed true, as Media Molecule is hosting yet another Dreams stream for today. However, Media Molecule cofounder Alex Evans set the record straight on the issue of VR:

Communications Manager Abbie Heppe also chimed in on the possibility of a stealth VR drop:

Of course, as Media Molecule is planning another Dreams livestream, we could actually see a release of the VR mode soon. However, don’t hold your breath on it happening.

We do know that a VR update is planned for Dreams at some point in the future. The ability to create VR-compatible levels can help push the boundaries of Dreams even more. Dreams is still in Early Access, though, which means the game itself will continue to get tinkered with until an official launch occurs.

Dreams also launched in Early Access without its campaign, though we don’t know when that will launch, either. As these are fairly high-profile additions, it seems unlikely that they will be stealth dropped. Anything could happen in the world of Dreams, though.