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Ubisoft Confirms Watch Dogs Legion is Real, ‘God Save the NPCs’

And just like that, Ubisoft has confirmed Watch Dogs Legion. While it didn’t present any new information on it besides the mere fact it exists, Ubisoft’s announcement all but confirms the features that were part of the Amazon UK leak only a day prior.

The ever-brief teaser went up on Twitter during the evening:

While we’ll have to wait until Ubisoft’s E3 2019 conference to learn more, the phrase “God Save the NPCs” is extremely telling. It essentially confirms what we’ve suspected for a long time now, that the third Watch Dogs game would be set in London. The London of Watch Dogs Legion is supposedly post-Brexit, though giving Ubisoft’s political history (or lack thereof), we’re a little concerned.

In addition, it appears to confirm the most tantalizing part of the Amazon UK leak. The big hook of Watch Dogs 3 is supposedly the ability to play as any NPC in the game. Every character apparently has their own animation set, voiced lines, character traits, and more. While we still don’t know how this will function in-game, the prospect is certainly an intriguing, if potentially overly-ambitious, one. God save the NPCs, indeed.

We won’t have to wait long to find out what Watch Dogs Legion is, however. Ubisoft’s E3 presser takes place on June 10, 2019, promptly at 1 PM PDT. A release date naturally wasn’t included in this initial announcement, but knowing that the publisher has three unannounced titles releasing in the current fiscal year, we’ll likely see this title in the near future.

The confirmation of Watch Dogs Legion means there’s one less mystery heading into #UbiE3. Hopefully, considering we were promised “one or two” surprises during the press conference, there’s still more up Ubisoft’s sleeves. We can’t have every one of its titles leaked before the show, can we?