According to Kojima, Death Stranding Will Introduce a New Game Genre

Many who are curious and confused about Kojima’s plans for Death Stranding have taken to Twitter to voice their thoughts. Since the title’s latest trailer arrived, Kojima has consistently addressed much of said confusion. However, the air of mystery surrounding what the title is has yet to fully lift. In an effort to make things clearer, the game director explained Death Stranding shouldn’t be classified as a stealth experience. Actually, there does not yet exist a genre suitable enough to describe the game. As such, Kojima’s created a new genre, “action game/strand game.”

He briefly touched on this in a recent Twitter post. See the tweet below:

Once again, the significance of connection takes precedence. Apparently, players will especially feel the value of connection to Death Stranding’s experience when engaging with other players via asynchronous multiplayer. For now, Kojima and Co. have yet to reveal exactly how this will all pan out.

While many are speculating that the asynchronous multiplayer may be similar to that which is featured in Dark Souls, Kojima’s words seemingly suggest otherwise. In Dark Souls, the multiplayer component is not necessary, it only enhances the overall experience. It appears the multiplayer in Death Stranding will be much more integral. Hopefully, when Kojima is able to explain how, the details will not come in the form of another cryptic tweet.

Death Stranding will come to the PlayStation 4 later this year on November 8th. Preorders for the game and its multiple special editions are already live online and in retail stores.

[Source: Hideo Kojima on Twitter]