Fallout 76 Canvas Bags Should Be Sent Out Next Week

Remember Fallout 76? When it first debuted, the community spent a lot of time hating on it. After all, the game launched in a buggy state. Those who purchased the Power Armor Edition of it were supposed to get a canvas bag, but got a cheap nylon one instead. Well, finally Bethesda has announced that customers would be getting their canvas replacement bags starting next week, if all goes according to plan. Which, let’s face it, sometimes that isn’t the case.

The company responded to a tweet on June 6, 2019, stating the following:

It’s important to acknowledge the wording used here. “We are expecting…” and “once the final date is confirmed,” says that there could still be a few snags preventing the bags from being shipped out next week. But customers have waited this long, so what’s another couple weeks?

What’s fascinating about this game is how much the hate has died down. Many are even claiming the game is good now, much like other titles that have released in an unfinished state. Bethesda released a roadmap for the online shooter, giving the community a plan for the game’s upcoming content. This roadmap seems to have been the solution the game needed.

It’ll be interesting to see if Bethesda mentions anything about the game’s troubled launch during its E3 press conference on Sunday, June 9th. The company’s spokespeople are usually quite candid and aren’t afraid to be transparent on stage. And now, it looks like the replacements for those canvas bags will arrive soon, which is definitely a goodwill move by Bethesda.

Will you be getting a canvas bag replacement? Let us know your thoughts!

[Source: Twitter]