Fallout 76 Year 2

NPCs Are Finally Coming to Fallout 76 With Wastelanders

Bethesda announced some great news for Fallout 76 players during its E3 2019 showcase. Fallout 76 Year 2 will bring with it human non-player characters. This will come as part of the game’s free Wastelanders update in fall 2019 and will apparently “fundamentally change the game.”

Fallout 76 notably had no human NPCs to interact with in the past (though we’ve been hoping they might come for a little while now). Instead, it depended primarily on player relationships as the main driving force behind the game.

Check the update out in the trailer below:

Now that the initial group of explorers left Vault 76 and began rebuilding Appalachia, a group of survivors will return the area looking for safety and prosperity. There will also be a brigade of raiders looking for a home in the wasteland. A new questline will be included along with this update. Bethesda noted that the fate of these two factions will be determined by the choices that the players will make during their adventures.

Not only will human NPCs be coming to Fallout 76, but they will also have full dialog trees for the player to utilize. (These will be similar to how conversations in Fallout 4 work.) Two new settlements, Crater and Foundation, will also be added to the game during the update.

Fallout 76 seems to be getting back on track after a very rough launch. Not only is Bethesda sending out the canvas bags that were promised to Collector’s Edition owners, it is also making a handful of quality of life improvements to the game. These include features like allowing players to establish their own shops. There will also be a new Battle Royal game mode titled Nuclear Winter.

Fallout 76 Year 2

The Wastelanders update will be released in fall 2019. Gamers who haven’t picked up Fallout 76 can get in on a free trial week taking place June 10th – 17th.