Cygames Wants to ‘Become the Best Studio in the World’

Cygames wants to take over the world, one game at a time. In the latest issue of Famitsu (courtesy of regular tipster Ryokutya2089 and the translation gurus at Gematsu), an interview with Kenichiro Takaki shed a bit of light on Cygames’ growing console game division. It seems like everything is firing on all cylinders now, and Granblue Fantasy: Versus is only the tip of the spear.

Per our headline, what stood out the most to me in this Famitsu interview was Takaki’s statement, translated to, “Cygames is truly aiming to become the best studio in the world.” Cygames is already a hugely successful company, seeing tons of growth in Japan and internationally thanks to its consistent output of mobile games. The company’s console division was only recently established, but it seems like Cygames is giving the team there carte blanche.

There’s evidence enough of that from what Takaki had to say about Cygames’ upcoming original IP, Project Awakening. When that title (which is led by Metal Gear Solid V co-director Junji Tago)  was revealed, we saw what looked like some nicely-rendered footage showing off what the mechanics will be like. But Takaki claims all of the footage was running in-game on a PlayStation 4, which is an impressive claim to make. He also said Cygames is using its own in-house game development engine for this and other projects, which again, the coffers have been wide open for.

Takaki, formerly of Marvelous Entertainment and head of the Senran Kagura series, only recently joined Cygames as the console division’s general manager. He’s serving as a producer on Project Awakening, and taking on more of a support role for Cygames’ two upcoming Granblue Fantasy spinoff games. In the interview, Takaki also revealed his next directorial effort is a collaboration with artist Nan Yaegashi, and an action game starring a male character. Despite his past being, well, Senran Kagura-y, Takaki stated this game isn’t meant to be “sexy.” Well, alrighty then.

Source: Gematsu