Destiny 2 lumina

Destiny 2 Latest Exotic Weapon Adds a Support Role With Healing Abilities

Destiny 2 is going the way of the RPG. For years, Bungie refused to use the term MMO to describe their game, until they finally dropped that term during the Shadowkeep announcement. With the newest Exotic weapon coming on July 2, it looks like we won’t have to wait until September to begin exploring what a more RPG-like Destiny could be. The Lumina Exotic hand cannon will add a support role for those who wield it, both healing and buffing allies, while also being able to get some good damage on enemies. Take a quick look at Lumina in action in the short trailer below.

Lumina is directly related to Thorn, a popular Destiny 1 hand cannon that recently returned to Destiny 2. Thorn is the corrupted version of another hand cannon known in the lore as Rose, and its Exotic ability puts damage-over-time on enemies shot with its barbs. Lumina appears to be a purified version of Rose, and some datamined quest steps indicate that we’ll first obtain Rose and then use that gun to ultimately earn Lumina.

Noble Rounds is the Exotic perk on Lumina. Defeating enemies will activate the perk, which sends out an ally-seeking orb that will heal and grant a damage buff. While there are other weapons that will heal the Guardian wielding them, Lumina is the first Exotic weapon that creates a kind of support role for enhanced team play and survivability for everyone. Its abilities are very similar to Overwatch’s most recent character, Baptiste, who is a combat medic and can send out an orb that both heals and buffs allies.

As Bungie leans into the RPG side of Destiny 2, we’re seeing more distinction between the character classes and more unique roles created by the special abilities of Exotic weapons. It’s nice to see the addition of a gun that isn’t just all about how to do more damage faster.

Players will be able to start the Lumina quest on July 2, as long as they own the Forsaken Annual Pass. For players who haven’t picked up the Annual Pass yet (seriously, you should, it’s great content), you can still earn the Truth rocket launcher in a quest that was made available to everyone.

There are still a lot of activities to come in the months leading up to the release of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, including the Moments of Triumphs, Tribute Hall, and Solstice of Heroes. Players are then expecting a secret quest for the Exotic pulse rifle Bad Juju to launch shortly before Shadowkeep releases on September 17.