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Dead Cells ‘Update the 13th’ Debuts a New Enemy and a Host of Fixes on Consoles

“Update the 13th” previously went live for Dead Cells‘ PC version, now the patch has arrived on consoles. Thanks to the latest patch, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One players will have access to an all-new enemy and a whole host of community-driven tweaks.

For starters, the update is bringing another enemy into the mix. The Rampager is a new type of mob, zombies who just so happen to be far deadlier than the average zombie. Dead Cells players will come across a few other additions, as well. Two brutality mutations have debuted, Adrenaline and Frenzy. Adrenaline allows players to “dodge an enemy attack the last second you can and gain lifesteal on melee damages for a few seconds.” With Frenzy, players have the ability to gain lifesteal in speedboost, while dealing melee damage. These additions come alongside a subtraction, too, as Motion Twin has excised Arbiter from the experience.

With this 13th update, Motion Twin also worked in a vast number of fixes. A few of them include reworks, such as removing minions and a fixing the Thunder Shield, the latter of which alters parrying. Now when players successfully parry, their shields charge and deal damage in the area surrounding the player’s position.

Countless community suggestions were taken into consideration for this patch, too. Such suggestions are notable in the gameplay balancing for enemies, weapons, and more. Quite a number of the level design alterations were also community-driven. The same can be said for graphics and UI changes, as well as bug fixes. Unsurprisingly, the patch notes for Dead Cells‘ “Update the 13th” are lengthy. The full list is available to peruse on the game’s official website.

As of March 2019, Dead Cells had sold over one million copies across all platforms. Within another two months or so, the game crossed the two million copies sold mark. To celebrate the impressive sales milestone, Motion Twin launched a free DLC expansion, Rise of the Giant.

[Source: via GoNintendo]