A Star Wars Battlefront II Bug Is Preventing Players From Completing One of Darth Maul’s Community Quests

Community quests were added to Star Wars Battlefront II as part of the July 2019 update, but things aren’t working as planned. The quests are supposed to allow the community to work together to earn some in-game voice lines and victory poses for certain characters. However, Community Manager Ben Walke announced that Darth Maul’s “Old Rivalry” quest is not functioning properly and that the team at DICE is working on a fix for the issue.

The “Old Rivalry” community quest requires all players together to choke 800,000 enemies using Darth Maul’s “Choke Hold” ability, which will choke an enemy for a short time before launching them back with a push. When the community reached the goal last night, the challenge reset itself due to a glitch and prevented players from earning the Epic rarity “Kenobi” voice line for Darth Maul. Walke said the fix for this issue which will be tested over the weekend, and that more information should be available sometime next week. On the game’s official subreddit, in a thread about the community quests, the counter for the “Old Rivalry” quest was posted as a photo. It showed the progress was sitting at 470,138 of 800,000 as of 12/7 at 22:00 UTC.

Star Wars Battlefront II‘s July update kicked off the addition of the community quests. It also fixed several in-game bugs including one that was affecting the matchmaking for Starfighter Assault, and further balanced the game’s Heroes and Villains. It was also one of many recent patches to fix problems with the game. One of these updates fixed a major Naboo Capital Supremacy issue that forced it to be temporarily changed while DICE made things better for players.

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