Fantasy MMORPG Caravan Stories’ Beta and Full Launch Delayed in North America

In May 2019, Aiming, Inc. announced plans to launch a beta for the free-to-play RPG Caravan Stories on the PlayStation 4 in North America. It was to go live on July 16th, with a full release intended for a date shortly thereafter on July 23rd. These plans have since changed. Both the game’s open beta release and full on launch have been delayed in North America. At the time of writing, Aiming has yet to reveal new dates.

News of the North American delay came via Aiming’s official website. In a brief post, the company asked that fans be patient, as the developer requires more time to improve upon Caravan Stories‘ overall quality. It doesn’t seems as though further details on this matter have been offered as of yet.

The fantasy MMORPG originally went live on the PlayStation 4 in Japan and several other Asian markets in late 2017. Since then, Caravan Stories has earned notable success. For instance, as of April 2019, upwards of two million players had joined the experience in Japan alone.

Set in the world of Iyarr, Caravan Stories allows players to create a character from a number of races, each of which features a storyline of its own. The races include Human, Orc, Elf, Gessy (humanoid beasts), and Dwarf. According to the game’s listing on the PlayStation website, a new race called Lizardman is on its way. While the choice of characters and races may differ, there does exist one notable constant. Iyarr has been plagued with conflict caused by the Enigma, which opens a gate allowing demons to pour into the lush world. Players must stop the Enigma from tainting Iyarr with darkness before its too late. Recruiting NPCs and taming a wide variety of monsters will aid players in their endeavor.

[Source: Aiming Inc. via Gematsu, PlayStation]