Doom Annihilation Release Date

Here’s When DOOM: Annihilation Will Eradicate Your Free Time This Fall

DOOM Eternal isn’t the only dosage of DOOM we’ll be getting in the fall 2019. The direct to Blu-ray film DOOM: Annihilation will be headed to store shelves on October 1st, courtesy of Universal 1440 Entertainment. DOOM: Annihilation is the second time the series has had a movie adaptation, aside from the 2005 DOOM starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

When the Annihilation was revealed, fan-reception was less than stellar, and developer id Software quickly noted that it did not have anything to do with the production of the film. When it was revealed the upcoming DOOM film would be a direct-to-video movie, fans were not pleased. On top of that, the reaction to the film’s trailer was overwhelmingly negative. Fans criticized the low-budget look, which may be expected when a project is being releasing directly to video.

Annihilation will follow a team of Marines who are called in after a group of scientists discover an ancient portal from hell. Their job is to destroy the horde of demons and save the planet. The DOOM video games have always emphasized gameplay over story, so it will be interesting to see how narrative will play out in a film.

You can check out the Annihilation trailer below:

Despite the initial negative reaction to the upcoming film, some of us here are still optimistic about it, noting that it looks like it will be faithful to the source material.

Even if DOOM: Annihilation is as bad as many are expecting, we at least will get the chance to play DOOM Eternal on November 22, 2019. As the followup to 2016’s DOOM, Eternal has a lot riding on it, especially given the critical and commercial success of its predecessor. It had a great showing at E3 2019, leaving a positive impression on many critics who got to try it.

We’ll have to wait and see how DOOM: Annihilation turns out. Sure, it’s easy to dismiss it, but perhaps it will be better than some fans are expecting.

[Source: Game Informer]