Cyberpunk 2077’s Dynamic Weather Effects Include Acid Rain

As an expansive, living world, the futuristic city known as Night City in Cyberpunk 2077 will not be the same day-to-day. One such way in which the world will differ on any given day is the weather. While we had already heard about the dynamic weather featured in CD Projekt RED’s latest game, we now know of one such condition players will face: acid rain. You may want to find a quick way indoors, huh?

Naturally, acid rain can be dangerous, and as such, the denizens of Night City will try to find shelter quick. While we don’t know how frequently acid will rain down in the skies, it seems to be a somewhat prominent occurrence. As for why it occurs at all in the world of Cyberpunk 2077, blame the intensely high levels of pollution. Whether this will be a factor in the story or not is unknown, but it seemingly is a big part of life in Night City.

Of course, dynamic weather conditions shouldn’t be surprising for those who know CD Projekt RED’s history. The Witcher 3 featured a dynamic weather system in its vast open world. However, as Cyberpunk 2077 takes place in a setting that’s basically the polar opposite of The Witcher’s, it makes sense to have different weather patterns.

While CD Projekt RED wouldn’t elaborate on the effects of acid rain, they did confirm that the world will react to it. Like in the The Witcher 3, NPCs will scatter in an attempt to not get hit with the precipitation, though likely with more haste. Whether it will adversely affect your health (or even the world itself) is currently unknown. However, considering this is acid rain we are talking about, expect it to have some sort of negative consequence.

As Cyberpunk 2077 makes its way closer to release, we’ve begun to learn even more about the hotly-anticipated title. CD Projekt RED recently outlined the difficulty settings players can find. If you want to immerse yourself even more in this futuristic world, you can preorder the official lore book, due a few days after Cyberpunk 2077 releases on April 16, 2020.

[Source: WCCFTECH]