Battlefield V Update 4.2 Aims to Fix Invisible Player Bug and Improve Stability

Battlefield V update 4.2 is here and aims to get rid of nagging bugs that have persisted since the June 2019 update. Once applied, you won’t feel so invisible anymore. That’s because the major invisible player bug has been squashed. This update also does things like improve the P08 Carbine, since DICE felt like it wasn’t up to par with some of the game’s other weapons, and add in new camouflage patterns for vehicles on the relevant maps.

Some of the bug fixes in Battlefield V‘s latest update are more notable than others. One fixes an annoying glitch that would cause the screen to appear black when a player was firing stationary cannons. There won’t be a suppression effect applied to infantry soldiers when being fired at by a tank’s main cannon. Also, you won’t be grounded on the deploy screen when you try to spawn in an airplane.

The list of patch notes is as follows:

What’s New?
  • We have reduced the recoil, and increased the muzzle velocity for the P08 Carbine in a bid to improve its effectiveness

  • Kills in Firestorm are now awarded if the enemy player disconnects during the downed state

  • Transport vehicles now have environment specific skins. Players will find transports that sport Forest, Desert, Snow, and Mediterranean camouflage schemes on appropriate levels.

What’s Changed?
  • Fixes targeted at removing extreme instances of Invisible Soldiers

  • Specializations are now able to be reset on the P08 Carbine

  • The game will no longer stutter when killing enemies with tanks

  • Removed an unintended suppression effect that was applying to infantry soldiers when a tank fires it’s main cannon

  • The screen will no longer turn black when firing stationary cannons

  • The Arras sights on the Lewis gun now displays correctly when using extended mags

  • Rate Of Fire for the MKVI Revolver has also been reduced to 180RPM, from 200RPM

  • The correct crosshair now shows for the Mosquito FB MKVI on all load-outs

  • The Company will now display the correct amount of bombs for the JU-88

  • Players trying to spawn into airplanes should no longer get stuck on the deploy screen

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[Source: Reddit]