Free Blood & Truth DLC Launches Tomorrow With New Game Plus and New Challenges

A couple of months ago,  SIE London Studio promised Blood & Truth would soon add a new game plus and more features to the VR title for free. That day is nearly upon us, folks. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Studio Communications Manager for London Studio, Annem Hobson, revealed the free DLC update will go live on July 26th.

As previously noted, this update will bring New Game Plus to Blood & Truth, giving players another reason to venture through the action-packed narrative. With New Game Plus, players will be able to replay the experience with all of their unlocked weapons, skins, and mods at the ready.

The post-launch content is also adding online leaderboards to the mix. This means players can now compare their scores from the game’s various missions and challenges to that of others. Each score is based on the number of enemies hit, the level of accuracy, and how long it takes a player to complete levels.

Finally, Blood & Truth DLC will debut five additional challenges, too. Get a brief rundown of each one in the list below:

Challenge #6:

  • Gun: Pump action shotgun
  • Location: Hanger Underground Storage
  • Focus of challenge: Perfecting your pumping action
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Don’t forget the transitional Targets

Challenge #7:

  • Guns: Dual SMGs
  • Location: Desert mission
  • Focus of challenge: Fast paced targets and automatic gun fire
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Use both SMG’s or you will miss Targets (tap into your inner Gun-Fu master!)

Challenge #8:

  • Guns: Dual sawn-off shotguns
  • Location: Work site
  • Focus of challenge: Fire Discipline
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Make every shot count

Challenge #9:

  • Gun: 9mm pistol
  • Location: Underground Lair (HQ Underground)
  • Focus of challenge: Speed and accuracy
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Watch out for the civilians!

Challenge #10:

  • Guns: Assault rifle
  • Location: Penthouse Lobby
  • Focus of challenge: Mixing up target distances
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Keep your eyes and your ears open, targets come from everywhere

Additional post-launch content should arrive for Blood & Truth in the coming months, along with even more challenges. What this content will entail and when it will launch currently remains publicly unknown.

Blood & Truth is out now for the PlayStation VR.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]