Troy Baker Thinks Kojima Aims to Push the Medium Forward With Death Stranding

As a member of the Death Stranding cast, Troy Baker probably has a better handle on the many mysteries of Death Stranding than most. For now, he isn’t able to talk about anything in too much depth. However, the actor’s at least been willing to tease what gamers should anticipate from the project overall. According to him, more than anything, Death Stranding is an attempt on Kojima’s part to push the gaming industry forward.

The actor made note of this during a recent interview the 2019 Manchester Comic-Con. During the interview, Baker spoke highly of Kojima’s work, saying, “[Death Stranding will] definitely be a statement.” Baker continued, adding, “If you know anything about Kojima, he doesn’t make ‘games’. He’s an amazing world builder. He’s trying to move the medium forward, not just trying to move copies.”

Baker’s words mirror much of what others who’ve seen Death Stranding in action have said previously, such as The Division 2’s Director, Julian Gerighty. The actor did not stop there, either. Death Stranding’s impressive cast, which also includes The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus and Hannibal’s Mads Mikkelsen, won’t be what sells Kojima’s latest. Rather, Kojima’s name itself will do the bulk of the heavy lifting, as far as Baker is concerned. In the interview, Baker explained, “This will be a game that names sell, and it won’t be Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen, and it sure as shit won’t be Troy Baker. The name that’s going to sell this game is going to be Kojima.”

Kojima and his newest project weren’t the only one receiving high praise from Troy Baker at Manchester Comic-Con. The actor also gave kudos to another PlayStation title he’s involved with, The Last of Us Part II. According to Baker, the sequel may very well be Naughty Dog’s “most ambitious game.”

Death Stranding will come to the PlayStation 4 later this year on November 8th. The title and its Collector’s Edition are already available for preorder online and at various retailers.

[Source: Push Square]