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Don’t Get Over-Excited About That Solid Snake Tekken 7 Evo 2019 Tease—It Was a Joke

Exciting news poured out of Evo 2019 during last weekend’s fighting game tournament. Certain attendees were particularly thrilled over what appeared to be a Solid Snake tease for Tekken 7. As is usually the case, things quickly got out of hand. Fans in attendance at Evo took to Twitter, sharing the news far and wide. Unfortunately, such a tease didn’t really count as news at all. According to Evo, the Metal Gear character’s Tekken-related tease was merely “a little joke.”

See the clip below shared by Twitter user @MTLSaiyan, who was present at Evo:

After the above tweet went viral online, Evo was forced to act. Within a few hours, Evo’s official Twitter account posted a tweet of its own, explaining that the Snake cameo tease just a “joke.” Additionally, it was a joke concocted by the tournament’s organizers without Bandai Namco’s knowledge. See the post in question linked below:

It’s unfortunate news, especially since this level of miscommunication could’ve been avoided. However, fans believing Solid Snake could appear in a Tekken is not much of a stretch. After all, the Metal Gear Solid protagonist has a pretty noted history of featuring as a guest character in fighting games. Most recently, Solid Snake hit the arena in 2018’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch.

In other Evo news, Guilty Gear will eventually return with a brand-new release set to launch in 2020. Soulcalibur VI fans were treated to exciting news as well. Cassandra is out now for Season Pass holders, and the title’s Season 2 content will bring Samaurai Shodown’s Haohmaru into the Soulcalibur arena.

[Source: Evo on Twitter via DualShockers]