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New Guilty Gear Unveiled During Evo, Due Out Sometime in 2020

Evo 2019 helped close out the weekend, and it wasn’t just the current wave of fighting games that had fans excited. A few new titles were on display, as well. Notably, developer Arc System Works unveiled a new game for the Guilty Gear series, set to launch on an unspecified date in 2020.

Apart from what was shown in a brief teaser trailer, not much is known about the 2020 release. At present, it does not even appear as though the new Guilty Gear has an official title attached, not one that is publicly known, at least.

For a quick look at what Arc System Works has in store for the upcoming entry in the fighting franchise, check out the Guilty Gear teaser trailer linked below. Some fans may find watching the above trailer twice well worth the treat. Simply put, it’s gorgeous and the animations are smooth beyond comprehension.

Barring the series’ first installment receiving a recent rerelease on the PlayStation 4, not much has been seen of the Japanese fighting franchise in about two years. This new game announcement seems long overdue. Just last year, during Evo 2018, Arc System Works CEO Minoru Kidooka took to the stage to tease the development of a new Guilty Gear. At the time, he asked fans to “wait a little longer” for more information. Evidently, that “little longer” meant a year. Still, fans are no doubt enthused about the what was shown off over the weekend.

Guilty Gear’s most recent new release arrived in the form of Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 in 2017. Rev 2 featured the content that made up 2016’s REVELATOR, though it also added in two additional fighters, a whole host of new bells and whistles for every character on the roster, in addition to new episode sequences for a number of characters.

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