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David Hayter’s Not Happy With His Voice Being Used for Solid Snake in a Tekken 7 Joke

During Evo 2019, fans erupted with excitement upon seeing what they thought was a Solid Snake tease for Tekken 7. Within hours of the news surfacing online, Evo organizers were forced to clear the air. The clip hinting at the Metal Gear Solid character’s Tekken appearance was merely a joke on Evo’s part, a joke Metal Gear publisher Konami had no prior knowledge of. Another party not in the loop was actor David Hayter, the legendary voice of Snake whose vocals were used for the video tease. Based on his response to the joke on Twitter, it seems Hayter isn’t too happy about the stunt Evo pulled last weekend.

Hayter replied to Evo’s tweet that explained the misunderstanding, making clear his dissatisfaction at his voice’s use without his or Konami’s permission. See Hayter’s response in the post linked below:

When a fan asked how Evo could’ve gotten voiceover of Hayter’s Snake mentioning Tekken, another fan posited the actor may have been contacted about voice work but wasn’t aware of where it would be used. Hayter seemed to confirm as much in a subsequent tweet, noting that he’s “happy to record private cameos for anyone.” However, it’s “not okay to use my voice for the promotion of other properties,” the actor added. At the time of writing, it does not appear as though Evo has responded to Hayter, at least not in a public manner.

Evo just announced plans for another upcoming event, Evo Japan. Evo Japan 2020 will kick off early next year on January 24th and end on January 26th. Thus far, the event’s lineup of games includes all of the following: BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Soulcalibur VI, and Tekken 7.

[Source: David Hayter on Twitter via VG247]