hitchhiker gamescom 2019

Hitchhiker Reveal Sets the Stage for an Unsettling Mystery About Memory Loss

Hitchhiker tales are a dime a dozen. They’re perfectly mysterious and unsettling. The new title from publisher Versus Evil (Banner Saga) and developer Mad About Pandas seems to be no exception. Titled Hitchhiker, the adventure sets players on a highway journey, hitchhiking with a seemingly good-natured farmer. Things aren’t as peaceful as they appear, however, especially considering the player character’s suspiciously poor memory.

While it is slated to launch on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and other devices, Hitchhiker doesn’t have a release date yet. Still, you can get a good look at what to expect from the mysterious new adventure in the announcement trailer from gamescom 2019:

Hitchiker places players in the role of a wanderer on the road, riding alongside a farmer. The hitchhiker has no name, no recollection of why they’re in the car, or where they may be headed. This person also remains unaware as to how exactly they obtained so many blanks in their memory.

During the highway journey, the farmer lends a hand, offering his help via his own memories and stories. Supposedly, and quite strangely, this leads to hitchhiker recovering some of the gaps in their own memory. Other clues that help include a picture in the car’s glovebox, crows flying by, or billboards situated alongside the road.

Again, not everything is as pleasant as it may seem, though. A slip-up of some kind slowly begins to unmask the truth. The hitchhiker takes note of strange patterns, deceit, cryptic messages, and so on. All seem deceptively devised and may make for a journey filled to the brim with twists and turns. Keeping that in mind, the hitchhiker must play it safe, act wisely, and choose who to trust. Of course, a muddled memory and a vague understanding of the circumstances will not make these tasks easy.

[Source: Versus Evil]