Try Out Ghost Recon: Breakpoint During the Open Beta Next Week

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint is only weeks away, and the hype has been intensifying. To build on the anticipation, Ubisoft plans to host an open beta across all platforms next week. The open beta will run from September 26th until September 30th on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Preloading will become available prior to the beta on September 24th.

For a full breakdown on all of the open beta’s preload and access times the world over, see the nifty graphic from Ubisoft below:

ghost recon breakpoint open beta

In a post on Ubisoft’s website, the company provided a breakdown of everything Breakpoint’s open beta will have on offer. The open beta will feature a whole host of content, including Ghost War and missions that closed beta participants didn’t experience. Content Ubisoft will showcase in the open beta is as follows (features not included in the closed beta are italicized):


For the very first time our Beta players will be able to try out Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s PvP mode, Ghost War! Battle it out against other Ghosts in this competitive mode to test your skills.

  • Four Maps: Skell Port, PMC Camp, Cold War Bunker and Deserted Harbor.
  • One Mode: Elimination.


  • New Argyll
  • Infinity
  • Sinking Country
  • Fen Bog
  • Smuggler Coves
  • Mount Hodgson


  • Operation Greenstone: Five missions from the main storyline:
    • Eagles Down
    • No Way Out
    • Back To Basics
    • Skell On The Move
    • The Enemy Of My Enemy
  • Auroa Missions: Side missions to discover more about the island and its inhabitants:
    • One Man’s Hell
    • Ghost Of The Past
    • A Soul In Rest
  • Faction Missions: Twelve new Faction Missions per day. For every available region, 2 Faction missions will be playable every day in each region.


Looking to really test your skills? Find three different types of Drone Areas throughout the available regions and test your skills against some of your toughest opponents.

  • Murmurs: Small flying drones that will swarm the unprepared.
  • Aamons: Mid-size land drones that pack a punch with agility to match.
  • Behemoths: Large drones with massive firepower and heavy armor.

What won’t feature in the open beta is an option to carry over save progress to the main game. Still, this seems the optimal way of getting your feet wet in the Breakpoint experience, before deciding to pick up a copy at launch.

Fans can explore Auroa in full when Ghost Recon: Breakpoint hits the PS4, PC, and Xbox One on October 4th. In recent weeks, Ubisoft has also announced the game’s Year 1 content plans, and a reference book. The latter will launch on October 31st.

[Source: Ubisoft]