Celebrate Batman Day With Epic’s Fortnite x Batman Reveal Tomorrow

As datamined files recently indicated, Fortnite is getting crossover content involving the Dark Knight. Epic Games will have a full blown announcement of the details soon for what it’s calling Fortnite x Batman. The reveal is scheduled for September 21st, a day that DC has designated as Batman Day. Fans interested in seeing the unveiling live can tune in to Fortnite’s official YouTube channel at 8:00 am EST.

Epic shared news of the incoming stream on Fortnite’s Twitter account. Check out the tweet below:

Much of what Epic Games plans to show off has likely already been spread around. In the aforementioned leaks, plenty of details about the content, supposedly titled “Welcome to Gotham City,” appeared. This includes a number of challenges, several world props, a glider, a banner inspired by the Bat-symbol, and emotes.

Apparently the Batman crossover will give players access to the vigilante’s Grapnel Gun. With this device, a player can propel themselves towards a specific location, then deploy a cape to glide to their destination. An Explosive Batarang is also supposedly apart of the incoming collaboration. It will serve as both a proximity explosive and a homing device.

Completing challenges in the “Welcome to Gotham City” content will see fans unlock rewards, which are to likely receive explanation in the livestream tomorrow morning. The challenges range from dealing damage to foes with the Explosive Batarangs, defusing Joker canisters strewn that are throughout the Gotham City map, and much more.

Epic’s stream is bound to also unveil when the content will go live for players. At the time of writing, it does not appear as though even dataminers know when the Batman content will arrive in Fortnite. Who knows? Maybe it’ll go live tomorrow, giving fans yet another way in which to celebrate 80 years of the Bat.

[Source: Fortnite on Twitter]