The Black Cat Strikes in an Upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man Comic Series

The Marvel’s Spider-Man universe will soon expand again, once Marvel launches a brand-new comic series. This time, Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat will take a leading role alongside the webslinger. In January 2020, the first part in a five-issue miniseries titled Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Black Cat Strikes will release its number one. Marvel announced the news during New York Comic Con 2019, showcasing cover art, a premise, and the comic’s creative team.

Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum, who’s written for Cloak and Dagger, is on tap to pen the miniseries. Luca Maresca, an artist familiar with working on Spider-Man books, will provide art for The Black Cat Strikes. Hugo award winning illustrator Sana Takeda created the stunning cover art below:

spider-man ps4 comic

The new series takes place after the events of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Velocity and City at War, the two previous comic runs based on the Insomniac game. Spider-Man now sits smack-dab in the middle of a New York City gang war, battling villains like the Maggia crime syndicate and Hammerhead. When the Black Cat returns, the hero’s world is twisted upside down. As such, fans should expect Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Black Cat Strikes to explore the “untold tales” of the relationship between Spidey and the notorious thief. And, apparently, fans will find the miniseries’ ending so shocking that it’s bound to make their “webs spin.”

Marvel’s Spider-Man hit the PlayStation 4 last September and quickly became a favorite amongst critics and fans. As of July 2019, the title had sold over a whopping 13 million copies worldwide, securing it a place alongside some of the best-selling PlayStation 4 games to date.

[Source: Marvel]