Yes, Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima is Still a PlayStation 4 Title

It’s been over a year since Sony or Sucker Punch said anything of substance about Ghost of Tsushima. However, the highly-anticipated action title is in the news thanks to new details concerning the PlayStation 5. In a PlayStation Blog post quickly running down the latest on PS5 details, SIE CEO Jim Ryan made note of the exclusives fans still have to look forward to on the PS4. Apparently, Ghost of Tsushima remains among them.

The following sentence at the end of Ryan’s blog post is what’s garnering the most attention: “While there’s much more to share about PlayStation 5 in the year ahead, we have plenty of blockbuster experiences coming your way on PS4, including Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, and Ghost of Tsushima.” Fans are understandably taking this as Sony’s reaffirmation that the Sucker Punch title indeed remains a PS4 experience. The curiosity surrounding it is no surprise, though. Again, an update seems long overdue.

Given Sucker Punch’s previous statements about feeling pressured to live up to Sony’s first party standards, the team’s silence seems a no-brainer. After all, Naughty Dog just ended a long bout of silence regarding The Last of Us Part II, blowing everyone away in the process.

Who knows, perhaps Ghost of Tsushima is on track to release in a fashion reminiscent of The Last of Us on PlayStation 3. In many respects, Naughty Dog’s first apocalyptic adventure served as the PS3’s swan song, giving the hardware one of its last big pushes prior to PS4’s November 2013 arrival.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]