IO Interactive Reteaming With Warner Bros. for New Console and PC Game

After a successful partnership for the publishing and distribution of a few recent Hitman releases, IO Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment are joining forces once more. Nothing is known about the project itself, apart from its being a “new console and PC game experience.”

In addition to this, IO Interactive’s two development studios are currently hiring for the new title. Both based in the Scandinavian region, the two studios include IOI Copenhagen in Denmark and the recently founded IOI Malmö in Sweden. Each studio will play a major role in the development of IO’s upcoming project. According to the company’s website, the team is hiring across all disciplines with 18 job opportunities currently open.

IO Interactive and Warner Bros. both seem pleased with the new publishing and distribution agreement. Most importantly, IO’s CEO, Hakan Abrak, praised how much Warner Bros. respects the team’s “creative vision.” In a statement regarding the newly signed agreement, also mentioned the team at IO is creating a “new universe.” This part in Abrak’s statement seems to suggest the studio will not be returning to Hitman for the time being.

Should this next project indeed be a departure from the iconic stealth franchise, fans shouldn’t feel at a loss. Under the partnership with Warner Bros. alone, IO Interactive shipped three Hitman projects. This includes 2018’s Hitman 2, Hitman: Definitive Edition, and Hitman HD Enhanced Collection. The latter of the three includes enhanced versions of 2006’s celebrated Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman: Absolution, which hit stores in late 2012.