Amazon UK Gets Exclusive Variant Sleeve for Death Stranding

The Death Stranding cover art, while cool, is pretty standard stuff. For the most part, the bulk of the appeal is thanks to Norman Reedus’ being front and center. However, consumers who purchase from Amazon UK will have another option from which to choose. There’s a “Higgs Variant” cover, which comes in the form of an exclusive sleeve. The variant is all black, featuring the gold mask-wearing hooded character. It’s pretty stunning to say the least.

Twitter user Nibel spotted the variant cover, then shared it on his personal profile with a link. Unfortunately, as the Amazon UK listing suggests, this sleeve is indeed exclusive to UK consumers. And, no, it will not ship to the United States. Get a look at the alternate cover and the regular box art side-by-side in the post below:

There are still other ways for fans to get something special that’s Death Stranding-related. A few weeks ago, Sony announced a Limited Edition Death Stranding PS4 Pro. The primarily white system features inky black handprints and will ship with an orange transluscent DualShock 4, meant to mimic BB’s Pod. Fans will also be able to pick up an art book not too long after the game’s launch. Titan Books is publishing The Art of Death Stranding, which releases on November 12th for $39.95.

Death Stranding will hit stores in a few weeks for the PS4 on November 8th.