Rumor: Fortnite Chapter 2 Leaked by Apple, Seems to Contain New Map

It looks like a whole new map could be coming to Fortnite, along with a rebranding of the game to go with the start of Season 11. Multiple reports indicate that Apple accidentally leaked Fortnite Chapter 2 and our first brief look at its new map to fight it.

Originally discovered by fans of the game, the Italian app store appears to have leaked some promotional artwork for an upcoming update to Fortnite. It shows Fortnite’s three main characters standing over a cliff looking out over the world, albeit not the world currently in Fortnite. Instead this appears to be a new map, something fans have been looking forward to for quite a while (especially since Apex Legends recently transitioned to a new map). It’s tough to make out specific details, but there is a large river with boats in it. Currently, Fortnite doesn’t have boats or any other sort of water-based vehicle. There’s also a building, but it’s difficult to actually make out any details other than it is, indeed, a building.

Epic is planning a special event for the end of Season 10 called The End that will happen on Sunday at 2pm EST. This final event is a strange one, given that it will lead right up to the moment that the Season 10 servers shut down, and Epic pulls the game briefly ahead of its update to Season 11. Normally the season ending events occur ahead of that moment by a few days, allowing online play to continue immediately after they have concluded. Speculation says that this shift is due to a “cataclysmic” event scheduled to strike the island at that time, making it entirely unplayable after it happens.

It’s expected that the leaked “Chapter 2” images hint at what’s coming in Season 11: a whole new map, new vehicles, and potentially even finally bringing Fortnite out of “early access.” (Yes, the game still hasn’t technically officially released.) Of course, exact details are still up in the air and most of this is connecting the dots between leaks and rumors and what Epic has announced so far. We’ll just have to wait until Sunday to learn more.

Fortnite is no stranger to weird and interesting events (particularly at the end of Seasons), and larger than life crossovers. Recently there was a crossover with Batman, allowing players to drop into Gotham City and use classic Batman equipment, such as bat-a-rangs and grappling hooks.

Will you be logging in to check out the festivities as this chapter of Fortnite comes to a close?

[Source: Eurogamer]