AVICII Invector Seeks to Honor the DJ With Intense Rhythm Gameplay

With rhythm games back in again, now is the best time for experimental ones to release. Back in 2017 Invector came out with the help of the late Tim Bergling, better known by his stage name Avicii. Now the game is getting updated and rereleased to honor this popular DJ.

Coming under the name of AVICII Invector, this rhythm game is broken into two major parts. In one, you’ll be freely piloting a ship around the screen, trying to get it to go through hoops. Eventually you’ll hit a track where you’ll then swap between three lanes, timing button presses with symbols. If you’ve ever played Rock Band Blitz, the game doesn’t look all that different. The soundtrack is made up of 25 songs by popular Swedish DJ Avicii, who passed away last year.

AVICII Invector originally came out exclusively on the PlayStation 4 back in December of 2017 under the name of Invector. Avicii himself worked on the game with developer Hello There, and the game released to positive reviews. AVICII Invector will serve as an updated version of the game, with more songs, tighter gameplay, and better graphics, along with ports to other consoles and PC. In addition to the update and new consoles, this rerelease will also see the game get a physical release for the first time, for those who want to add it to their shelves.

This new release, which will be published by Wired Productions and receive support from Avicii Music, will be donating a portion of its royalties to The Tim Bergling Foundation, which researches the cause and prevention of suicide. Wired Productions managing director Leo Zullo had the following to say about the release:

AVICII Invector celebrates AVICII’s life and music by immersing players inside the pulsing rhythms, evocative lyrics, and beautiful melodies he created. He was an amazing talent, and as an advocate for mental health, I hope and believe this project will bring Tim Bergling’s wonderful spirit to a world that can benefit from it.

Will you honoring the late DJ’s legacy?