Here’s an Actual Photo of the PlayStation 5 Dev Kit

Back in August, we shared a Sony Interactive Entertainment patent that contained images of what many guessed was the PlayStation 5 dev kit or the console itself. When the picture made rounds online, a Senior Artist at racing game studio Codemasters confirmed that it was an illustration of a PS5 dev kit, which quite a few studios have had in their possession for some time now.

The developer, Matthew Stott, later deleted his tweet so we had no way of verifying anything at the time. However, we can now confirm that the image in question is indeed real. Popular YouTuber ZONEofTECH got his hands on the actual dev kit, which is showcased in the video below. We can see the optical drive, various ports, and text that says, “Prototype 1. Not for Sale.”

Worth reiterating that this prototype doesn’t indicate what the actual console will look like. Sony has shared tons of details about the PS5, which you can read in our previous articles, but what the unit looks like we’ll find out in 2020.

The PS5 will release in holiday 2020, and will come with an updated user interface and 4K blu-ray player among other features. Price and further details will also be revealed in due course.

As usual, we’ll keep our readers posted. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the dev kit’s design. Do you want the final product to resemble the dev kit, borrow something from its design, or are you hoping for something entirely different? Share your thoughts below.