Everspace 2 Ps4 Pro

Everspace 2 Can Choose Either 4K or 60 FPS on the PS4 Pro

Like most games enhanced by PS4 Pro, Everspace 2 is going to have both visual and performance modes on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Confirmed by Rockfish CEO Michael Schade, the visual option will offer up to 4K while keeping the framerate at a lower level. Performance mode, on the other hand, will bring the game down to 1080p but lock in at 60 frames-per-second. By offering this choice, Rockfish ensures that players can enjoy the game they way they want to while taking full advantage of the PlayStation 4 Pro’s beefier hardware. However, Michael does admit that this comes at a bit of a price. The PS4 Pro is simply not as strong as the Xbox One X and some concessions will have to be made for either option. In the interview Michael says the following:

The PS4 Pro is a bit less powerful than the Xbox One X, so we will probably have to slightly reduce the screen size on the regular PS4 model and maybe go a bit easier on VFX on PS4 Pro to support 4K and hit 60 FPS in the visually enhanced mode in 1080p.

The original Everspace came out on the PlayStation 4 last year, playing more like a roguelite than one may expect from a space shooter. During Gamescom 2019 Rockfish Games announced they were working on Everspace 2, though they were going to make it more of an open-world RPG rather than a roguelite. The goal is to try and combine some of the roguelite elements with those seen in open-world games to give Everspace 2 better storytelling and a more interesting world. Of course, there will also be more ships that you can fly around, more guns to shoot, and more things that generally go boom when shot too much.

Everspace 2 is in the middle of running a Kickstarter with a goal of slightly over $500,000 and has a little under $300,000 already earned with 13 days left to go at the time of writing. Currently, the game has a release window of some time in 2021, so there’s a chance that you may be able to get both the 4K visuals and the 60fps, as well as other enhancements on the PlayStation 5, though Rockfish hasn’t said anything about next-gen just yet.

[source: GamingBolt]