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Mad Max Director Praises Kojima’s Work on Death Stranding, Credits Him With Pushing Creative Boundaries

Mad Max: Fury Road director, George Miller, has said that Hideo Kojima‘s work reflects the talent that he has seen in “great” filmmakers, and that he has the creative courage to push boundaries.

Speaking about Death Stranding in a brief IGN video, Miller acknowledged that there is a degree of risk involved in doing something radical but added that this is how creative mediums evolve.

We’ve transcribed Miller’s full statement, which you can read below:

I think there’s no cultural evolution unless it is renewed, unless new ideas are offered up. Often, they’re provocative. Often, they shift the norm to some degree but there is no evolution unless that happens. That’s the history of all creativity. And I think that’s what we respond to – that’s almost what we hunger for. If we’re just doing the same old safe work all the time, that’s almost a certain way to fail anyway.

In films, you see the same ideas, the same tropes. Something that a few years earlier might have been groundbreaking has now become kind of cliche. And that’s when creative courage comes in – somebody like Kojima san who’s prepared to push the boundaries.

The skill that I see in great filmmakers, I now see in Kojima san’s work. All the visual languages, the syntax, the compelling imagery – it’s all there, all in the service of giving the audience an intense experience.

The risk is that people just don’t accept it; it’s too radical in some way, but the upside is that you change the medium that you’re working in.

That’s quite a glowing review of Kojima’s work!

Death Stranding will release on November 8th for the PlayStation 4. Stay tuned for our review.

[Source: IGN]

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