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Nioh 2’s Open Beta Will Let You Bring in Nioh’s William from Previous Save Data

Nioh 2’s open beta is slated to kick off this weekend on November 1st. In it, fans will create their own character, customizing a warrior to their personal preferences. There will exist another option, however. For those who have maintained save data from the original Nioh, the protagonist, William, will be available as a playable character for the sequel’s imminent beta.

Developer Team Ninja shared as much in the following post its official Twitter page:

In announcing the game’s March 2020 launch date, Team Ninja Producer Fumihiko Yasuda offered more details on the beta. For starters, the trial session will drop players into a place known as the Interim. Unlike Nioh’s dojo, this serves as a safe space, meant for players to equip weapons and experiment with basic combat moves free from threat of attack.

From the Interim, Nioh 2’s open beta will then take players to Sunomata, a locale inspired by Japan’s Sunomata Castle. Yasuda noted that this represents but one example of Team Ninja’s aim to offer a healthy mix of “historical actualities” and “Yokai adventure.”

Interestingly, those fortunate enough to come out of the beta victorious will be rewarded with The Mark of the Demon Slayer. Such a prize will net players the Kamaitachi Helmet from the sequel’s in-game Shrine at launch.

Nioh 2 will have players entering the Dark Realm on March 13, 2020. The sequel’s open beta is scheduled to go live on the PlayStation Store on November 1st and end days later on November 10th.

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