Enter the Dark Realm When Nioh 2’s Open Beta Launches in November

Similar to Nioh before it, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja will allow players to try Nioh 2 months ahead of the game’s release. This trial run for the sequel will consist of an open beta on the PlayStation Store, which will kick off on November 1st. Koei Tecmo plans to end Nioh 2’s open beta several days later on November 10th.

The official PlayStation account on Twitter unveiled the news, but didn’t offer any other concrete details.

Nioh’s final demo in early 2017, the “Last Chance Trial,” ran for only a couple of days. However, it did offer participants a chance to earn in-game rewards for the title’s full release. For now, it’s unclear whether the Nioh 2 demo sessions will work in a similar manner, or if players will have a chance to play a demo version of the game closer to release.

During Tokyo Game Show 2019, quite a few new details surfaced about the sequel. For one, the game is slated to launch early next year. At TGS, producer Fumihiko Yasuda also addressed questions about a potential easy mode. According to Yasuda such a difficulty offering will not be available for the sequel, as Team Ninja wants everyone to experience the same level of challenge.

However, the expansion of multiplayer options will aid players when things get a little too rough. Benevolent Graves represent one example, wherein players can summon a helpful ghost to lend a hand. In addition, summoning other players online for boss battles will mark another option, not too dissimilar from the original Nioh’s asynchronous multiplayer.

Currently, Nioh 2 lacks an official release date, but is set to launch early in 2020 on the PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation on Twitter]