Death Will Defy You When Nioh 2 Hits Stores Sometime in Early 2020

Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja isn’t wasting any time in generating hype for Nioh 2. A new gameplay trailer debuted during Tokyo Game Show, and just hit the web. This fresh look at the sequel teases new enemies, characters, and the narrative. However, the most notable bit of information comes near the end of the trailer. Nioh 2 will hit store shelves early in 2020. Unfortunately, the game’s new trailer did not offer any specifics beyond this particular window and it has since been pulled.

Koei Tecmo announced Nioh 2 during PlayStation’s E3 conference in 2018. At the time, only a teaser trailer was released to the public. Since then, not much else has been shown off, though the sequel has undergone closed alpha testing. With Nioh 2’s launch window now set in place, hopefully more of the title will see the light of day in the coming months.

Based on what’s known about the nascent franchise’s new entry, it appears to carry a lot of the same DNA as its celebrated predecessor. However, there will be one key difference that sets the two Nioh installments apart from one another. Unlike the first release, Nioh 2 will allow players to embark on their incredibly challenging adventure as a player-created character. For now, specifics on the character creation system remain under wraps, but director Fumihiko Yasuda previously confirmed players will get to “customize all the [character] details, including gender and race.”

In addition to character creation, Nioh 2 will introduce the element of Yokai shift, allowing the player character to transform into Yokai (demons). Not much has been revealed on this front just yet. Here’s to hoping concrete details come out of TGS in the coming days.

Nioh 2 will hit the PlayStation 4 sometime in the early part of 2020. At present, it is unknown whether the sequel will land on other platforms at a later date, such as PC.