Death Stranding Art Exhibit Opening Up in New York City

The world of Death Stranding sure is interesting to look at, opinions about the gameplay aside. From ghostly monsters to babies trapped in containers, there’s always something unique. The world of Death Stranding will soon be on display for players to check out. If you live in or near New York City you can visit Fractured Worlds: The Art of Death Stranding, which will be hosted in 14th Street Park from Wednesday, November 6th, 2019, until Saturday, November 9th. The event requires you to sign up for tickets, but a limited amount of people will also be admitted in-person. There’s no exact word on what exactly will be at Fractured Worlds, but you can at least expect to see some concept art for Death Stranding, and possibly that statue of Sam that Sony likes to bring to any Death Stranding event. Additionally, ticket to the art show or not, there will be a pop-up Death Stranding store for the general public to visit so they can get some merchandise from the game.

Death Stranding, which will finally launch on November 8th, is the first game by Hideo Kojima since his messy split from Konami back in 2015. The game puts you in the role of Sam, who’s tasked with reconnecting America after an apocalyptic event has isolated everyone. He’ll do so by delivering packages and avoiding horrible ghost monsters that seem to have a desire to pull him into some inky underworld. He also gets to hang out with celebrities like Conan O’Brien in the process. Here at PSLS? We loved it.

As for whats next, it’s doubtful that Fractured Worlds will give players a peek into Hideo Kojima’s next project. However, he did give us a hint about what he’s working on in a recent interview. Likewise, he also mentioned his desire to get into films, which may not surprise anyone considering how much of a film connoisseur Kojima is.