Fan Recreates Death Stranding in Impressive MSX-Style Graphics, With Chiptune Theme Music to Boot

One of the most fascinating aspects of popular culture is the way in which fans of a franchise can incorporate their own flavor via fan art. Thus far, Death Stranding has been no exception. The latest example of this comes in the form of an MSX-style demake. Twitter user Fabricio Lima recently shared his tribute to Kojima’s newest project. Lima’s work sees Death Stranding go from photorealistic graphics to those befitting a game on the MSX. The artist even managed to translate the title’s theme song to a chiptune/8bit-esque sound.

See Lima’s demake of Death Stranding in the following video:

In addition, Lima shared a second clip, but noted that he had not yet finished work on other characters. Perhaps the likes of Deadman and Heartman will feature in another project of Lima’s at a later date.

Earlier this summer, another artist created a demake of Death Stranding. However, that video, from YouTuber Bearly Regal, imagined the Kojima experience as an adventure for the original PlayStation.

Death Stranding is in stores now on the PlayStation 4. A PC version of the title will launch sometime in summer 2020.

[Source: Fabricio Lima on Twitter]