Guerrilla Games Celebrates Kojima Productions 4th Anniversary With 30 Pound Wheel of Cheese

Can you believe it’s been four years since Hideo Kojima left Konami and formed the independent Kojima Productions? To celebrate, the studio’s friends and colleagues at Guerrilla Games sent the man himself a present in honor of the studio’s fourth birthday. Instead of a cake, Kojima received a huge 30-pound wheel of Gouda cheese, with a covering designed to look like a Bridge Baby tank from Death Stranding. Hermen Hulst, formerly of Guerrilla and now head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, tweeted a picture of the cheese wheel, which you can see below:

Kojima’s relationship with Guerrilla has been close ever since the formation of his studio. Guerrilla’s Decima engine was used in the development Death Strandingthe same engine used in the beloved PS4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn. The two studios also worked together on Death Stranding, with over 70 staff members from the Horizon Zero Dawn studio lending a hand with art, animation, engineering, and other departments. This is partially why Death Stranding had such a seemingly short development time of around three years.

With Death Stranding in the rearview mirror, Kojima Productions has already begun gearing up for the next project(s). While nothing has been publicly confirmed, there are a few possibilities as to what could come next. Kojima is not shy about his love of movies; he’s even stated his studio would work on films in the future. And he’s expressed his interest in making something spooky, which he wants to be “the scariest horror” game ever.

For now, Kojima and his team can enjoy their new 30-pound wheel of cheese, in honor of the studio’s 4th anniversary. What would you like to see next from the studio? Death Stranding 2? Something new? And how about that cheesy gift from Guerrilla?

[Source: Twitter]