A Winter Weather Warning Hits Fortnite, Visibility is Very Low

Snipers beware, it seems your strategy has been foiled by snow. Weather makes a fool out of all of us, and Fortnite is no exception to this. To celebrate the winter season, a blizzard has hit the game. No, not the Overwatch/World of Warcraft/Diablo kind. The snow kind. With visibility down to very little, the snowy weather has changed just how the popular battle royale plays out. The game isn’t running a blizzard all the time, but there’s a random chance during matches that one will hit and turn the whole map into a snowy, difficult-to-see mess. It’s up to you if you can manage to take advantage of the storm to outmaneuver your opponents, or if you’ll just freeze to death out in the cold.

There’s a chance this could just be a random weather event, but Epic really likes to make reasons and stories behind almost every little thing that happens in Fortnite. So there’s a good possibility this is also part of some overarching event. At the very least, there’s no current time on when this snowy event will end. So it’s all winter storms for the foreseeable future. I hope your crops are safe.

Fortnite is no stranger to world-altering events. They did, after all, recently open up a black hole that destroyed the entire island, using it as an excuse to create an all-new map to shoot other players on. It seems doubtful the blizzard will do similar though (especially with the new map being relatively recent). The real question is if this is another crossover with Batman. Is Mr. Freeze causing the blizzard? Or maybe the Star Wars crossover is still going and we’re stuck on Hoth now? Is Thanos behind this and all that snow is just the dust of half of all living things!? Honestly, these guesses are about as good as any and make me feel better that it’s not just some random event. What Fortnite morphs into after this is anybody’s guess though, but there is one constant. Fortnite will always be changing and evolving.