Mutazione Update

Mutazione Update Adds More Languages and a Free-Grow Musical Garden

It’s always great when games become accessible to a larger audience, and such is the case with Mutazione. Today the game was updated to be playable in six new languages, along with adding a new feature that comes with new gameplay mechanics. The added languages will work for the game’s entire story mode, letting players who speak them get through the game without needing a translator. The following new languages were added to Mutazione:

  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Russian
  • Korean
  • Japanese
  • Turkish

In addition, a new mode is being added to the game called Garden Mode. This feature will allow players to grow a musical garden without the story mode telling them what to do. As you grow plants, they’ll begin to play little musical notes, and you can grow specific plans to play songs. If you’ve already seen all the plants in the story, no worries, as seven new seeds have been added to the game for this mode. An all-new feature also allows friends to swap seeds between each other, letting you help each other build your dream gardens.

Hannah Nicklin, CEO of developer Die Gut Fabrik, had the following to say about the update:

We are delighted to release the standalone ‘Garden Mode’ plus six new languages to complement the Story Mode and existing eleven languages that Mutazione was released in. Garden Mode allows the player to dive much more deeply into the beautiful procedural musical compositions at the heart of Story Mode, allowing the player freedom to experiment and create, share and explore this carefully crafted music engine.

Mutazione launched on September 19th, 2019, letting players explore a small town where its population has undergone weird mutations, all while growing a garden to help their sick grandfather. Die Gut Fabrik was also the developer behind popular local multiplayer game Sportsfriends, and talked at length to us about the development of both games. The game is published by Annapurna Interactive, who recently put out Sayonara Wild Hearts, among a variety of other great small independent games.