Call of Duty Modern Warfare Stat Reset Error Has Finally Been Fixed by Infinity Ward

Yesterday, a substantial widespread error message plagued the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare community following update 1.13. The error prompt appeared after the update was installed, with the message “Error—Your data is corrupt or didn’t download properly. You must reset your rank and unlocks to continue,” accompanied by the option to select “yes” or “no.”

As of January 23, 2020, this prompt will no longer appear and you can continue playing as normal. Infinity Ward has resolved the error through serverside fixes that will not require a new download on your end. However, if you did select “yes” to the prompt, your combat record, leaderboards, custom classes, and Operators were likely reset. Infinity Ward is working on restoring these things but doesn’t have any updates at this time.

If you did select “yes,” it’s important to note that nothing related to XP progression, weapon progression, or Battle Pass was lost. Yesterday’s update also included more weapon loadout slots, which was causing some minor issues like kicking players back to the main multiplayer menu. This has also been fixed. A statement from Infinity Ward reads, in part:

Part of today’s update included additional loadout slots. If you created classes in these slots, you’ll see that they have been reset back to default. This will only happen one time. If you didn’t create any additional classes in those slots, you won’t notice anything. This also fixes an issue where clicking on these slots could kick some players back to the multiplayer screen.

If you were presented with the error prompt and did not click “Yes” and closed the game, your stats are still intact. Feel free to play as usual.

If you did click “Yes” – you most likely noticed your stats in the combat record, leaderboards, custom classes, and Operators were reset. Nothing related to your progression was lost, so your rank, XP, Battle Pass progression, weapon progression, unlocks, purchases, etc., are all still intact.

When testing it for ourselves yesterday, we received the same error message from above, but followed Infinity Ward’s recommendation to close out of the app instead of selecting “yes” or “no.” After testing today, it appears that the message has indeed disappeared and we can continue playing as normal.

Update 1.13, which introduced the above error, included a slew of fixes and additional content, like a playlist update featuring Capture the Flag, the aforementioned additional weapon slots, and the new Crossbow weapon. This update comes as Season One comes to a close, which recently received an extension to mid-February.

[Source: Infinity Ward]