Modern Warfare’s Recent Update Lists Fixes that Aren’t Actually Included

Earlier this week, an update rolled out in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare adding a new playlist, extra weapon slots, the new Crossbow weapon, and a lengthy list of fixes, but also seemed to cause a scary message to appear, which—at the time—would prompt you to have to reset your precious stats. Though this corrupt data issue has mostly been fixed, the latest update now has another problem: Its patch notes list fixes that aren’t actually implemented in-game. Most egregiously, the notes list a “fix for a bug that allowed player collision,” but according to players, this bug still remains. Likewise, the RAM-7 extended magazine was supposedly buffed to 50 from 45, but this too has not been updated.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Apparently the update should have included a “fix for Stopping Power Rounds not applying the correct damage boost to headshots,” though as Call of Duty YouTuber Xclusive Ace notes, this has also not been actually implemented. We even tested some of this ourselves, and sure enough, other players can still push into you, the RAM-7’s extended magazines are still only at 45, and various assault rifles don’t have the correct headshot damage boost when using the Stopping Power Field Upgrade.

Infinity Ward is aware of the issue, at least when it comes to the RAM-7. As explained by Sr. Communications Manager Ashton Williams on Reddit, a fix for this is coming. “Be on the lookout for a fix for this in a future update. Looks like the original fix was adjusted today, after the fact, so it’s appearing in the notes,” she explained. It’s currently unclear if the developer is planning to address the other discrepancies listed in the patch notes. It’s also possible that more issues are present that haven’t been brought to the forefront yet.

Have you found other issues following the game’s most recent patch?

[Source: Reddit]