Study Claims PlayStation Brand Loyalty is Highest Among Gaming Platforms

Consumer brand loyalty can be integral to any company’s sustainability and growth. Evidently, this has worked wonders for technology manufacturers over the last few decades. When it comes to video game consoles, one study claims PlayStation brand loyalty is unlike any other. Reportedly, PlayStation fans are the most loyal by a pretty sizable margin.

BestSEOCompanies surveyed a little over 1,000 people for a study on brand loyalty. With regards to “gaming affiliations,” the study found that 40.7 percent considered themselves most dedicated to PlayStation. Microsoft received 31 percent of the vote, while Nintendo came in at a close third with 30.4 percent. The rest of the survey’s results were split between an unspecified gaming PC brand, laptop brand, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.

Interestingly, BestSEOCompanies’ survey also found that 1 in 3 owners of a gaming system plan on purchasing the PlayStation 5. By comparison, 1 in 4 intend to pick up the next Xbox platform. And a total of 8 percent of people want to grab both next-gen consoles, according to the survey’s results.

The overall results are intriguing, especially with the next generation of hardware less than a year out from release. Will general audiences still feel the same as more information about both of the new consoles continues to pour in? Hopefully another survey of this kind will delve into the topic in a year or so.

PlayStation 5 will hit store shelves sometime during this holiday season. Though devkit photos and the official PS5 logo are out in the wild, Sony has yet to unveil the actual box. Rumors and speculation suggest the company plans on hosting a reveal event in February. However, such conjecture remains uncorroborated.

[Source: BestSEOCompanies via PlayStation Universe]